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Considerations for using hedge trimmer machine

1. Please read the use instructions carefully before using the hedge trimmer, the mechanical function and attention to matters clearly.

2. Hedge trimmer use trimming hedges, shrubs, in order to prevent attack contingency events, not for other uses.

3. Hedge trimmer cutter device is high speed activities, if the error is a risk. So in fatigue or discomfort when, after taking a cold medicine or after drinking, do not use the hedge trimmer.

4. Engine exhaust gases contain harmful carbon monoxide. Thus, not indoors, in agreenhouse or tunnel, ventilation is not good using the hedge trimmer on the ground.

5. The following places, do not use.① feet are slippery and difficult to adhere to the same lessons pose.II due to fog or at night, lesson four-week peace difficult to confirm at the scene.③ When the weather is not good (rain, blowing wind, Thunder, etc).

6. When using for the first time, be sure to experience after the Hedgerow cuttingmachine usage advice, before beginning to practice lessons.

7. Excessive fatigue can reduce the attention, and then attack the cause of the accident, do not make the lesson plan is too serious, extended homework time cannot exceed 30-40 minutes at a time, and then to 10-20 minutes of resting time, work time should be limited to two hours a day or less.

8. Minors should not use Hedgerow cutting machine.