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Considerations when using a drill

1. Use genuine 2T (two-stroke) FC grade oil, never use 4T (four-stroke) engine oil.

2. Prohibited the use of pure gasoline.

3. Strictly according to the ratio of 25:1 against oil.

4. New machines cannot be used in high-speed, low-speed running in 3 hours.

5. At high speed when it suddenly shut down engine is strictly prohibited, will makethe next start-up difficult.

6. Machine shake exception, please immediately stop check whether damaged or loose, eccentric.

7. Use is strictly prohibited in the stones of the grass.

8. Drill has a strict size limit, converted or use increases the bit without permissionis strictly prohibited. 

9. Carbon deposition at work removing spark plugs, mufflers,cleaning air filters, add butter to gear box.

10.They cannot solve the problem encountered, not without disassembly.

11.Long time machine when not in use, remaining in the fuel tanks should be poured out, and started burning all the fuel in the carburetor and clean the machine.

12.Want to make the machine more stable, longer list of regular maintenance.

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