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Hedge trimmer before task notes

1. Beginning in school subjects, to make the scene (topography, hedgerow the nature, obstruction of status, degree of risk around), wipe out the move obstructions.

2. With lessons for middle and risk areas within a radius of 15 meters, to preventpeople entering the area, surrounded by a rope or set up wooden sign to warn. The other, a few personal lessons, to entertain each other from time to time, and stick to safe space.

3. Before beginning lessons, to reflect the body's departments, verify that there are no loose screws, oil spills, damage or deformation condition before they can start work. Special blade and blade connecting parts but also to careful reflection.

4. Sure the blade is not cutting edge, crack, bend the rear may be used. Absolutelycan not use unusual blade.

5. Please use grinding the sharp blades.

6. When the grinding blade, in order to avoid the blade cracks, it is necessary to arc tooth root file.

7. Tighten the screw after good blades, change first hand blade rest with no swingor abnormal noise. If there is up and down, it can cause abnormal vibration or fixed partial loosening of the blade.