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Hedge trimmer briefly

Hedgerow structure: the fuel tank----hydraulic system;----circuit of magnetic motorsystem engine----power systems, exhaust pipes, gears, chain-saw blades and other components.

Decomposition of the hedge trimmer: (1) start cord (2) engine hood, (3) management of the exhaust hood (4) exhaust pipe (5) fuel tank (6) filters (7) carburettor (8) cylinders (9) piston rings and piston (10) gear box

Hedge machine, main including gasoline engine, and drive institutions, and handles, and switch and the blade institutions,, by said of gasoline engine power by drive institutions led blade institutions for work, main handles is located in machine of Hou Department, Qian handles installation Yu machine shell body of Qian Department, Qian handles can for must angle of rotating, its features is: main handles through telescopic rod and and machine subject connected, and in main handles and telescopic Rod connection at or telescopic rod and machine subject between is through a rotating institutions connected, the hedge machine of sides also including pair side handles, Two side handles are connected by a telescopic rod and telescoping mechanism installed on the machine, connected to the machine connections byrotating the body in, operators can choose according to need and use the handlegrip, rotation angle and scaling lengths, simple and convenient operation, high efficiency, and smaller package size.

Hedge trimmer uses: hedge trimmer with good durability, can be use as a professional commercial mowing, compared with common hedge trimmer, start very light,front and rear handles, the operation is very simple, broad scope, can be equipped with a variety of tools.