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Identification of quality hedge trimmer

Hedge trimmer work intensity, so the more stringent product quality requirements,purchasing and distribution of a hedge trimmer brands must pay special attentionto.

First look at the appearance and overall beautiful workmanship and accessories from tight, and toughness of high strength. Then sound after the ignition, less engine noise, sound rule of good quality and has special tools to measure the speed ofidling around 2450, highest more than 10000 RPM can ensure the efficiency, hedge trimmer made it difficult to achieve the target.

Hedge mechanics condition worse, so the blade and blade connecting rods and other parts of the strength of higher demand, a part of air filter should not be neglected, its seal and filter effects directly the life of an engine.

Hedge trimmer recommend high quality oil, imports of high-quality oil concentration 1:50, domestic oil is generally 1:25.

Hedge trimmer parts spark plug start rope, disc cartridge, cylinder, piston, pistonring and blade connecting rod.