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The advantages of using a drill

1. Drilling by a small gasoline engine, gearbox and specially designed drill components. is suitable for land, permafrost, ice punch. widely used in gardens, planting,planting trees, Geophysical Exploration, road construction and other fields.

2. Bit more synthesized by manganese steel hardness. For hard soils, super hard soils, clays, permafrost can work.

3. To drill according to the species, selecting many types of drill bits, to meet the needs of users.

4. Drill can make people freed from heavy manual labor, are widely used in reforestation, planting fruit trees, fences, and fall fertilization of fruit trees, etc. Suitable for all kinds of terrain, high efficiency, easy to carry and field operations in the field.

5. Drill can be either single action and double action, economical and practical.