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Brush Cutter Types Of Commonalities And Differences

Brush cutter (commonly known as the grass machine) is divided into side-mountedbrush cutter and backpack brush cutter categories, they have their own advantages.

Common ground

Both engines use the same or substantially the same, the output power will be able to install grass head, blade with multi-tooth saw blades and other cutting parts,can also be installed with a collection of bluegrass and grass steak and other accessories, the scope is essentially the same.

Different points

Backpack brush cutter structure is more complex, with a backpack frame, Flex components, top-mounted brush machine some more weight. Due to the flexible shaftthis component, also makes the backpack brush cutter and side-hung had a different mode of operation of the brush cutter: hanging around brush cutter control lever operation backpack brush cutter using the premise handle and throttle operation.