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Considerations For Using Chainsaws

1. Check the saw chain tension frequently, please shut down the engine when you check and adjust, wear protective gloves. Tension is when the right conditions whenthe chain hangs in the lower part of the Guide, hand pulls the chain.

2. Chain must always have some oil spills. Before every work has to check the sawchain lubrication and lubricating oil tank the oil level. Chain lubrication never workas with a chain of dry, can lead to damaged cutting device.

3. Do not use old oil. The oil cannot meet the lubrication requirements do not apply to chain lubrication.

4. If the oil level in the tank does not reduce lubrication transmission may be faulty.Should check the chain lubrication, check the circuit. Through contaminated filter can also lead to poor supply. Clean or replace the fuel tank and pump connection pipe oil strainer.

5. After changing install new chain saw chain 2-3 minutes of running time. Check chain tension after the break-in, and readjust if necessary. New chain has to use more often than once in a while the chain tensioning. When in a State of cold saw chain you must stick to guide lower, but can move the guide plate on the saw chain byhand. If necessary, tensioning the chain. When the operating temperature is reached, slightly sagging saw chain expansion, the drive section in the lower part of theGuide does not emerge from the chain slot, or chain will move the need to rethinkthe tensioning chain.

6. Chain must be relaxed after work. Chains will contract when they cool, relaxed chains can damage the crankshaft and bearings. If the chain is tensioned under operating conditions, the cooling chain will shrink, the chain too tight can damage thecrankshaft and bearings.

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