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Debugging Method For Brush Cutter

Debugging method for brush cutter

1. Remove the spark plug, pour 3-5ml special oil for two-stroke gasoline engine toa cylinder, then install the spark plug, pull the hand 5-6.

2. Fuel ratio. Used in two-stroke gasoline engine fuel of gasoline and two-stroke gasoline engine special oil mixed together according to a certain proportion. Mixture ratio of fuel (by volume), the new machine 10 hours before 20:1, normal use is 25:1.

3. Debugging. Before commissioning check that all fasteners are tight, confirmation of the following procedures:

(1) Add oil.

(2) Open-circuit switch, press the balloons into the fuel pump oil return pipe (transparent) into the fuel tank, turn off the choke, push the throttle handle to full open position. Pull Starter handle quickly 5-6. Choke open 1/3-1/2, quickly pull the startinghandle you can successfully start the engine.

(3) The engine should run under the idling 3-5 minutes 2-3 minutes at a moderate speed, press the remove switch, the engine, the debugging process has been completed.

Brush cutter for the first time, needs to run: idle speed (or low), run 2-3h.

4. Install the brush cutter according to the different requirements of working parts,you can install the cutting head or (teeth) blades, fixed by left nut.

Components after installation, check all fasteners are tightened, confirmation immediately after mowing jobs.

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