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Requirements For The Chain Saw Oil

Chain saw need to use gasoline, engine oil and chain saw chain oil:

1. The petrol can only use the 90th over lead-free petrol. Add gasoline, around thefuel tank cap and filler must be clean before refueling to avoid debris into the fuel tanks. Pole pruning saw to place a flat place, fuel tank cap facing up. Can't make gasoline spilled when refueling, not filling up the fuel tank too full. Tried to tighten the fuel tank cap by hand when refueling.

2. Use only quality two-stroke oil engine oil to ensure engine long life, do not use the ordinary four-stroke engine. When using other two-stroke engine oil, the modelshould meet TC grade quality. Poor quality of petrol or oil will damage the engine,oil seals, and the fuel tank.

3. The mixture of petrol and oil mix ratio: high sawing engines, two-stroke engine oil for 1:50, or 1 part oil and 50 parts gasoline; using other compliance with TC levels of engine oil is 1:25, or 1 part oil and 25 parts gasoline. Hybrid methods are in atank allowed fuel into the oil, then into gasoline, mix evenly. Gasoline engine oil mixture ages generally configure no more than a month of usage. Pay special attention to avoid gas in direct contact with the skin and avoid breathing gasoline out ofvolatile gases.

4. Use high quality chain saw chain oil, keep the lube oil level of not less than to reduce wear on the chain and zigzag. Emissions into the environment due to chain saw oil would completely ordinary lubricating oil is oil based, not degraded, will pollute the environment, it is recommended to make full use of biodegradable chainsaw oil environmental protection, many developed countries have hard and fast rules in order to avoid environmental pollution.