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Side-mounted Assembly Method For Brush Cutter

Side-mounted brush cutter has simple structure, light weight and easy maintenance features. Side-mounted brush cutter under the following Assembly steps: 

1, insert the drive Rod clutch disc engine flywheel cover hole with 4 M6x20 hex screw Assembly (including plain washer, spring) tighten. 

2, the installation operator with 4 Hexagon screw M5x25 screw. Operator on the aluminum tubes in position may try toadjust, feel comfortable until the operation so far. 

3, the installation of safety shield with 2 Pan head screw M5x16 screw. 

4, move switch to disconnect the circuit so far. 

Note that the brush cutter when not in use, blade is not installed, when installed. 

Backpack brush cutter and side-mounted brush cutter installation method is essentially the same, flexible shaft connection direction.