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Simple Classification Of Type Brush Cutter

Brush cutter according to the working method can be divided into 3 types.

Portable brush cutter side-mounted and manpack is divided into two kinds: ① side-mounted brush cutter hard shaft drive, main engine, transmission, clutch, components, controls and suspending belts and so on. On the shaft end configurations 0.75~ 2-kilowatt single-cylinder two-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine and centrifugal friction clutch installation made up of speed reducer and the cutting tool at theother end working parts. Many types of parts, commonly used for circular saw blades, blade or nylon. When aluminum casing on the drive shaft of the hook-and-loop hanging on the shoulder strap under the operator, holding hands and swaying hard shaft to complete jobs such as cutting weeds and shrubs. Machines weighing6~12 kg, speed of about 4500~5000/min. II backpack brush cutter. Flexible shaft drive, General construction similar to the side-mounted brush cutter, difference is the engine back on the operator's back, cutting parts consist of flexible shaft transmission, engine power is 0.75~1.2 kW. Engine connected with the back between twopoints and is equipped with special rubber vibration isolators. Flexible shaft for packaged in hose wire for flexible shafts, used to transmit torque. Rubber protectionsleeve hose to apply metal braid wrapped in steel belt winding tube to prevent dust intrusion and keep the shaft in the shaft lubricating oil on the surface. Cutting range generally between 1.5~2 meters.

-Hand-held brush cutter wheel bearing tool weight from person push the machineforward, driven by the engine parts cutting irrigation operations. Its structures andwork principles similar to those of portable brush cutter.

Hanging behind the brush cutter mounted on the tractor, driven by the PTO shaftparts rotate, suitable for large area brush work. Main rack, Blade, transmission, suspension and push plates and so on. Brush work, driving tractors back, working speed: 5 km/h, saw Bush 10 cm in diameter.

Cut irrigation machine of development trend is with new material to further reduce weight; used low vibration engine and advanced of reduction vibration across vibration device and reasonable configuration parts, to reduced vibration on human of against; improve mechanical of processing and Assembly precision, and improved sucking exhaust system, to reduced noise; additional various security protection device, to improve job security; in hanging type cut irrigation machine Shang additional shrubs cut broken device, simplified cut Xia shrubs of cleanup process.